Awareness is the First Step

So I have to share this awesome experience. A couple months ago my brilliant friend who is an OT posted this article.

I clicked on it just to see because it would be awful to read like the words below. As I read the symptoms it is exactly what Koen does while he is learning to read with me. So I made an appt. Today we went to an incredible doctor who did 2 1/2 hours of testing. My little man has several issues with his eyes but one of them is exactly below – his eyes don’t work well as a team. Had she not posted that he might have grown up reading like that and not knowing any different.

Six months ago I took him to another optometrist because he always goes cross eyed. She said it was just him torturing me. It turns out he really has no control over it. It makes me sad to think I blamed him because of what one doctor said. I can’t wait for him to get his glasses and see what a difference they are going to make with his reading and school work.

Thank you to my friend for sharing this article – I would never have known. Toward the end of the visit,the doctor said okay what is this last letter. Koen said “Which one?” The doctor asked “How many do you see?” “Two.” The poor kid sees double a lot of the time and didn’t even know that is not normal. So share this article – you never know who else could read it and it change a child’s life!!

I’m also very grateful that I am homeschooling Koen. If I wasn’t the one teaching him to read I might not have noticed at all.

Here is the glasses he chose. What a cutie. I was worried he might not like wearing glasses but he said “I look awesome.” And he said he really wanted glasses, so that is a good thing. We had a fun day together doing puzzles in between tests and then a special lunch date after the appointment. Love you Koen!!

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