Melt My Heart

Some days I am ready to jump out of a second story window. But then there are days like this. Brittyn and Rhys both have very dry, itchy skin. It started to get in the way of Rhys playing basketball, so it was time to see the doctor.


They were both so brave and super well-behaved. So much so that one lady came to give them a lollipop and commented how amazing they were. Then, Rhys gave her a hug. Then Brittyn followed right behind. Melt my heart kiddos.

So what was different? Was it because I only had two kids so even if they were being goofy it wasn’t such a big deal. Was it because only two people were trying to talk to me at one time? Was it because they were excited to be out of the house and in the world? Was it because I try hard not to fuss at my kids in public and gratefully they usually behave (in public)? Was it because as the nurse took their picture for their electronic file they were ridiculously cute and smiley?


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