The Obsession Continues

Yes The Greatest Showman fans – this is exactly what you think. 20180404_144221

Brittyn has used yarn to create trapeze gear. 20180404_144222

While watching the movie, when Anne was on the trapeze when Phillip first saw her, Brittyn turned to me all sweetly and said “This is what we do when we play Barbies. Cinderella is Anne.”20180404_144246

The funny part was earlier Brittyn would swing Barbie Anne as fast as she could and loudly sing “How we can wewrite the stars.” The big girls smiled and giggled quietly to themselves as Brittyn did it over and over. And then when Barbie Anne hit the bed – hard – Britt would love a big belly laugh! She is such a nut.20180404_144247(0)

It is astounding how much she loves The Greatest Showman and more specifically Anne. Brittyn also has started jumping off the furniture – no doubt part of her act!

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