I am the ringleader of this crazy circus.  I am a InDesign addict and gaining a deep love for Adobe Illustrator as well. I homeschool, although many days I don’t think I do it well!  Oh, how many kids do I have? “Just two…..times four……plus one.”  No, your math doesn’t stink – I have NINE children. I know how it happens – my husband and I planned to have nine.  I have heard it all “You need a tv”  “You don’t have cable, do you?”  “You need a new hobby”  and the list goes on and on.

Friday night family movie night, Girls Night Out and traveling are among my favorite things to do.  I love my laminator, Surface Pro 3, and quiet moments, even though the only thing I really “get” is the laminator.  I have a business with one of my best friends, Heap A  Hoopla, where we make fun, educational materials that are also stinkin’ cute! Preschool is my favorite thing to teach to my own children. Oh, and Story of the World.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I tell you that because it makes up a lot of who I am.

Let me introduce you to my circus!  The General Manager is Dad of Nine.

Easter 2015 We have been married for 15 years!!!  He is fantastic. We have been through a lot of ups and downs but we won’t give up.  He is brilliant!  The thing that attracted me to him so desperately was the way he made me long to be a better person.  Each day I am still amazed that he picked me!  Me!  I love when he texts me just to say hi.  I love when he takes an interest in the crafts I try to make.  I love to hear him teach us the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and leads us to the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I love how he is teaching all of us to think.  The children question things – that never occurred to me – I just go along with what I am told. So that is all my husband’s doing! I just love him! Eternally!

The kids March 2015The oldest child, Brooklynn (16), is an incredible first child.  She is super responsible and willing to work to accomplish her goals.  Yes, she even sets goals.  She has a huge heart and is very sensitive to other people’s feelings.  She is an avid reader – most books she enjoys she has read four or five times including the 39 Clues, Percy Jackson, Michael Vey and Harry Potter.  She writes even more than she reads and has quite a talent for it.  She hopes to publish her first novel in the near future. She also loves to play the violin, sings very well and has a unique obsession for the 80s (not that I am complaining).

The next in line is Chloe’ (15).  She is the entertainment section of the house.  Whenever someone gets bored, they seek her out.  She has some incredible gifts like perfect pitch, composing music, talent to repeat songs after hearing it once, willingness to laugh at herself, and the ability to see when people need cheering up.  Everyone loves having her around! She can sing, play violin, guitar, cello, piano and pretty much any instrument she touches. Our family band relies heavily on her amazing talents. I rely on her heartfelt hugs in just the moment I need them.

The oldest boy, Joseph (14) has a new found love for the game of basketball.  He has always been drawn to sports but also has a natural talent for the violin.  If he applied himself and practiced he would be incredible.  He is very friendly and will go up to anyone of any age to say hello.  When it is a responsibility that he cares about, he is unstoppable and will excel beyond your wildest dreams.  Joseph plays violin, guitar and is taking voice and drum lessons! He has so many talents.

Dallen (13) is brilliant although he does not believe any of us.  He is a talented artist, memorizes movies the first time he sees them and makes everybody laugh.  He is very sweet when he allows himself to be.  Puzzles are a fun pastime along with any type of game that involves Marvel or any other superhero.  He and Chloe’ have practically memorized the Marvel Encyclopedia. Dallen is taking drum lessons and enjoys singing (I think – he doesn’t like to show his weaknesses 😉

Mara (12) is a little momma.  Young children are just drawn to her.  She is kind and gentle with them and genuinely loves them ALL.  She loves to do kind things for people to make them smile and help them feel loved.  Painting nails, curling hair, riding bikes, playing with neighborhood kids are all among her favorite things to do.  She is an incredible babysitter and mega-helper and so many of my friends just wish they had a daughter like this in their family. She is a keeper! Mara sings, plays violin, bakes, plays basketball and is taking piano lessons!

Anderson is our surprise!  We were told in the sonogram the baby was a girl so we arrived at the hospital with all pink!  When my husband went to cut the cord he announced “It’s a boy!”  I said “WHAT?!?!?”  He has always been a little sidekick for #5.  Cars, superheroes and pleasing others make him happy.  He can pester his older siblings like a pro but in the end wants to make them happy.  Athletic ability are among his talents which have only recently been discovered – especially track and basketball.  He also loves to ride his bike and hang out with friends in the neighborhood. Anderson also plays the violin and is becoming a little more serious about singing.

Koen (6) is enthusiastic and wild about everything.  He makes us all laugh daily!  Cars and superheroes are his main things!  His absolute favorite is Captain America although he was Falcon for Halloween.  He loves to dress up in costumes usually making quite a fashion statement.  He loves crafts, drawing, organizing things and baking.  He crosses his eyes all the time, stressing me out but LOVES to pick flowers for me, his sisters or any woman visiting our house.  Such a sweetheart. Koen is a really cool kid – I love to sit and talk with him. You never know if he will say something crazy or mutter the sweetest words known to man.

Rhys (4) loves the Hulk.  We even turned him green for Halloween!  This little guy has a huge heart and listening to him talk will bring grown women to their knees. Seriously, if he stays that cute and charming he will get everything he wants!  He loves to sing.  One of his favorite songs is “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”.  Three days after getting his very first bike, he was doing tricks the big kids don’t even know how to do – he is a bike master! Rhys has joined Chloe’ as a leftie!

Brittyn (3) is about the cutest thing on two legs.  She is learning to push her brother’s buttons which is less cute but everything else causes all of the family to say “awww, you are so cute.”  She has some natural dance talent which she did not get from either parent!  She loves to draw on anything with any writing utensil she can find – her favorite is markers.  She is another leftie – that is three out of nine!  Impressive when the percentage of left handed people is 10%.  This little lady can be a total stinker but then a moment later, melt your heart with her smile and cute little voice. She loves to sing and started singing “A Thousand Years” before she could even talk.

In case you are interested, the early part of my blogging can be found at Mindy and the Multitudes. It dates all the way back to August 2005 – that is before Anderson was born, who rounded out the six pack.

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