I Repeat, Do Not Attack

While loading up in the truck to leave for voice lessons, I saw two women going door to door. They were dressed in nice clothes so I thought they might be missionaries from another church. Knowing some of my kids freak out when someone comes to the door when no adults are home, I ran…

Diggin’ the Rocks

When we had our concert we spent almost all day at the community center. Brittyn’s favorite thing to do was collect rocks and shells from outside. We didn’t let her take any so once she got home she filled up her purse with decorative rocks!

Smooth and Gushy

With nine kids you can never anticipate what might happen at any given moment. I am here minding my business making dinner. I grab a bag of pasta from the cupboard and felt something smooth and gushy. I turn over the bag and see this… Yep, a fake tongue. Actually it’s more of a piece…

All or Nothing

Breakfast this morning is all or nothing. Everything bagel or plain. On the funnier side, Brittyn ran up to Nathan and said “Where are you going?” Nathan replied “To work.” Brittyn said “I gotta ask Mom.” She ran to me and asked if Daddy could go to work. I said “yes.” She ran back and…

Future Optometrist 

While looking at the kids first encyclopedia of the body – Brittyn saw the eyes and said “They’re magical.” Everything else she said was gross and when I would say it’s inside her body she would say “Don’t want it. No”