Sibling Slams

Koen puts down Rhys by saying “you big, chubby liar.” Rhys came back with “you’re just a bag of sticks.” Save Save Save

Diggin’ the Rocks

When we had our concert we spent almost all day at the community center. Brittyn’s favorite thing to do was collect rocks and shells from outside. We didn’t let her take any so once she got home she filled up her purse with decorative rocks!

Smooth and Gushy

With nine kids you can never anticipate what might happen at any given moment. I am here minding my business making dinner. I grab a bag of pasta from the cupboard and felt something smooth and gushy. I turn over the bag and see this… Yep, a fake tongue. Actually it’s more of a piece…

Goodbye Finally!!

Today we say goodbye to Koen’s damaged front tooth. It has hung on against all odds. He hit it on a coffee table when he was two. We have wiggled forever but it won’t come out! And Rhys is getting his last fillings. We love the dentist but we go way too often. Save


We had an extra little cutie pie running around here today! Everyone totally adores her. Brittyn even got a little jealous because our friend always wanted Chloe’. Save