Silver Linings

With this many people, personalities, attitudes, schedules, talents, etc there are plenty of times where things just don’t work out.  My friend often says to me “well, way to look on the positive side” or “you found the silver lining”

So here I will compile some of my silver linings.  They might make you laugh. They might make you think. They might even change your perspective.

–Ten of eleven people in the house throwing up and/or diarrhea.  Silver lining – well, at least it doesn’t require antibiotics.

–A bunch of broken kitchen appliances but at least I didn’t have to dumpster dive like my husband

–Mediocre hotel with crumby view BUT for me it’s free – Nathan’s company is picking up the check. So it is definitely worth free.  I am still on a getaway and the room is mostly noise free and kid free


One thought on “Silver Linings

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